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Mayor, Makinta Andries Monaheng is the executive and political leader, and the social and ceremonial head of the Moretele Local Municipality. He is also the Ward 3 Councillor for the African National Congress (ANC). Elected Mayor of Moretele Local Municipality, Councillor Makinta Andries Monaheng, was born on 26 August 1964 in Cyferskuil. He is part of a five family members, with two sisters, During 1982, Ma Makinta Andries Monaheng matriculated at the Sekitla Secondary School In 1990 he married to Mmopa Welhemina Monaheng and had three children, a son aged 25 and two daughters aged 17 and 19. Through the years he gained much experience in the business world in senior management running his own enterprises. He has diplomas in Business and Marketing from Wits Business School as well as a Diploma in Transport Economics from North West University. While in Moretele he contributed many years to junior sport development and as well as a teacher. He currently, in his private capacity, serves on the various transport associations, a motivator and a social councillor. During 1985, he officially started his political career and was appointed as Branch Chairperson at Cyferskuil. Soon thereafter in 2011, his career further progressed when he was elected, during a Local election, as Ward Councillor for Ward 3 in Moretele and was tasked with the responsibility to head the Infrastructure Development Services (IDS) Portfolio after being elected into the Mayoral Committee by Council. In May 2014, he took the responsibility for the Budget and Treasury (BTO-Finance) Portfolio after the reshuffle of the Mayoral Committee Member, and finally, after the 2016 Local Government Elections, he was elected as Mayor of the Moretele Municipality to serve the period 2016 to 2021.


Moretele Local Municipality is a collective type Municipality run by the Executive Committee (EXCO). The Executive Committee is made out of five Members who head Portfolio Committees of Council including the Mayor as the Chairperson. The portfolio Committees are:
a) Planning & Development
b) Community Services and Public Safety
c) Infrastructure & Technical Services
d) Finance (Budget & Treasury Office) and Local Economic Development
e) Human Resource & Corporate Services
The current EXCO was established in August 2016 after Local Government Elections.

The Office of the Mayor directly administers Special Projects Programmes, i.e. HIV/ AIDS, Youth, Senior Citizens (Elderly), people with Disability, Women and Children. The Office of the Mayor works with all relevant stakeholders for outreach programmes.
The Office of the Mayor oversees overall legislation responsibilities assigned to the Mayor for accountability purposes. MLM Mayor Makinta Andries Monaheng is supported by the Manager: in his office and the Municipal Manager, Mr Isaac Shimane Maroga as the head of Administration.


The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend official and other events in Moretele Local Municipality and is invited as follows:

• Invites should reach the Mayor’s Office at least four weeks prior to the event. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your invite upon receipt of the invite. • The Office will confirm the Mayor’s attendance to the event seven working days prior to the event.
• Due to a very busy schedule it is not possible for the Mayor to attend every event that he is invited to.
• All invitations must state the date, time, venue and the objective of the event
• Please indicate what the Mayor is required to do at the event, for example, Welcome address, keynote address, handing over trophies, etc.

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Cllr Mark Makinta Andries Monaheng

Mayor of Moretele local Municipality
Contact the Mayor:
Telephone: +27 (0)12 713 1306

The functions of the Mayor are set out in the Municipal Structures Act.
The mayor is elected by the Municipal council to co-ordinate the work of the Municipality and appoints the Mayoral Committee.
The municipal manager is directly accountable to the mayor. The mayor appoints the municipal manager and heads of departments upon resolution of the Council.
• Must perform a ceremonial role as the council may determine.
Mayoral Committee
• Appoint and dismiss the members of the mayoral committee.
• Delegate specific responsibilities to each member of the committee.
• Determine the venue, time and date of meeting of the mayoral committee.
• May delegate any of the executive mayor’s powers to the respective members Strategy

• Identify the needs of the municipality and review and evaluate those needs in order of priority.
• Recommend to the council strategies, programmes and services to address priority needs through the integrated development plan.
• Recommend or determine the best way to deliver those strategies. • Identify and develop criteria in terms of which progress in the implementation of the strategies and programmes can be evaluated. Evaluate progress against the key performance indicators.
Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
• Review the performance of the municipality.
• Monitor the management of the municipality’s administration in accordance with the directions of the municipal council.
• Oversee the provision of services to communities in the municipality in a sustainable manner.
Public Participation
• Ensure that regard is given to public views and report on the effect of consultation on the decisions of the council.
• Annually report to the council on the involvement of communities and community organizations.
Must report to the municipal council on all decisions taken by the executive mayor.
Perform such duties and exercise powers as the council may delegate to her or him.
Term of Office
One person may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms as mayor in the same council.